24-7media-concept S.L.  – History –

Impressive through innovation

Audiovisual productions of stills & movies on the Canary Islands focusing on live broadcasting (live streaming) via the internet.

The year 2001

In early 2001, we began thinking about a new project to expand our work in the audiovisual sector, namely setting up a private TV channel! A private TV channel on the Canary Islands? On Tenerife? All calculations show cost-benefit and technical application as impossible!

The year 2005

In 2005 the world takes a big step forward into the audiovisual future: YouTube is founded and goes online. Followed only a few months later by VIMEO as an exclusive addition.

The year 2009

Under the name SIMTV1 we found our first YouTube channel, a test site for videos about surfing, concerts, nature and environment.

In 2009 and 2010 we produce a number of videos of concerts and other events for the website www.inselteneriffa.com

The year 2012

In all the years since 2001 we have never given up on the idea of a private television channel with live broadcasts. With new technology and faster internet connections available we revive the idea. Even though on a small scale we start in 2012 with the purchase of cameras and audio equipment.

The year 2014

In February 2014 we set an important milestone: the foundation of
24-7media-concept S.L.

Among the many important things necessary for creating a business, we buy our domains based on 24-7 and prepare another important step: our first live stream.

August 1, 2014

Our company 24-7media-concept with the online channels
24-7tenerifetv, 24-7grancanariatv, 24-7Mallorcatv and 24-7ballearestv are online and ready to go.

We have 2 fully equipped studios in flight cases and are ready to broadcast from anywhere with access to the internet whether physical or via 3G or 4G. Broadcasts can be received anywhere in the world via the internet. From sporting events to fashion shows, whether concerts or inaugurations – we know no limits.

Endless possibilities, and thanks to innovative technology we are able to broadcast via the internet from nearly anywhere with access to 3G or 4G live and direct depending on your budget.

Other than productions on land we can offer subaquatic work or aerials via drone. Our underwater camera team as well as our drone pilot are experienced professionals and fully certified.

Live transmissions with us and modern technology have only 30 seconds delay from recording to visibility anywhere in the world on tablet, smart phone or computer.

We have turned our science fiction idea into a reality for you.

August 7, 2014

We broadcast our first live stream from 2 studios – one at the start and the other at the finish line of an event. We work with 11 staff members, 5 cameras, TV monitor, speakers and lighting equipment – an impressive start.

The year 2015

Numerous projects produced in 2014 and 2015 for 24-7media-concept S.L. on a national and international level show the potential and possibilities of live streaming.

Commercials, trailers or image videos with us open 1001 x 1001 possibilities. – In 2015 many satisfied customers have taken the first step into the audiovisual future with us.

In October 2015 we set another milestone: the first underwater live stream from the Canary Islands is produced by 24-7media-concept S.L.

The year 2016

We are preparing more live stream projects and our own video productions for 2016.

The “live experience will have improved quality.

Since the end of 2015 all our cameras have been converted to digital – an important step forward for quality and technology – perfect for our clients and the users on mobile phone, tablet or computer.

By 2016 we have in addition to the underwater live stream the possibility to broadcast live in HD from our drone.

A new service offered in 2016 is issuing a report about number of viewers, specifying the country of the viewer and used device such as tablet, smart phone or computer to our clients right after the live stream.

With numerous innovations accomplished in 2015 and many new ideas we move confidently into 2016.

Innovative and with a live stream for any budget we will continue with our plans in 2022.

Become part of the new future at Livestream & Production in 2022.

Live stream & productions – we turn your ideas into reality.