The Crew

Guenther Haase
Guenther Haase

The Crew: Günther Haase is the founder of 24-7mediaconcept S.L. and an “old hand”in the production business.

Working on over 200 different productions from ENG to feature films at all stations lets him execute your productions perfectly.

Since 2013 his company 24-7mediaconcept S.L. also offers live broadcasts on the Internet.With a mobile full HD studio and up to 9 cameras, the only difference is whether the program is transmitted via satellite to a TV Broadcaster or via the live stream server to the Internet. Thanks to his various training courses and as a passionate diver with over 40 years of experience, he is the perfect partner for your project. Our crew is individually selected according to the needs of your project. For many years we have been working with local companies that have been involved in numerous international productions. Our employees are at least bilingual and from the 2man ENG team to the film crew with 60 people + we can fill all positions promptly. Since the beginning of the new century, the film industry in the Canary Islands has developed quickly. Numerous companies therefore have high-quality equipment for hire, from the “Hot Head” and crane to the latest ARRI 18KW lights and generators with the corresponding power.

For your production you “almost only” have to bring your idea with you.There is also a wide range of production vehicles from food trucks to honey wagons or Make-up and the stay truck are always manned by the appropriately qualified staff. The most important thing about our employees: they know that if you are satisfied, you will come back and recommend us to others.